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June 10, 2005


Richard Miller

Thanks for this clarifying post; I found it very helpful. I didn't realize until now that HB260 allows adult-content web sites to police themselves first, through content tagging and age verification, to avoid being listed in the government registry. While I wouldn't have disagreed with a more expansive government registry of adult sites, the fact that web sites can avoid being listed in the registry by policing themselves makes HB260 bullet-proof in my mind and makes the claims of the Utah ACLU and Betsy Burton seem ridiculous. Good bill.

Reach Upward

Great, informative post. This clarifies many of the issues that concerned me. Thank you for sponsoring this bill. Keep up the good work.

Paul Stay


I was unaware that you sponsered this bill. Thanks for the informative post and clarifying the issues. And most importantly thanks for your representation and the sponser of this bill.

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