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July 11, 2005


Richard Miller

In 2002, the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit to block the expansion of a freeway in Las Vegas (my home town.) It was thrown out, appealed to a federal court, and then finally settled just two weeks ago. (

Back in October, the Review-Journal reported that the delays would cost residents $35 million per year in wasted driving time and construction costs, all because the Sierra Club wanted a light-rail to cut down on pollution. But light-rail is a bad idea for the area in question because it's far from the city center and Las Vegas is not geographically dense like other metropolitan areas anyway.

The following letter to the Review-Journal even used Utah's light-rail as an example of failure in public transit.

Maybe light-rail isn't made for the intermountain West.


I think it's unfair to call mass transit a "financial failure" or "incompatible with the intermountain west". The truth is, we have never given it a real chance.
New highways is our primary method of solving traffic situations.
The past few decades have shown that massive highway building is the solution "not made for the intermountain west".
Look at Las Vegas, L.A., Phoenix, San Diego, etc. Which of these cities solved their problems by cramming in more highways?
Nowhere in the intermountain west have highways been a true long term solution. We should give transit a chance at least.

Reach Upward

I agree with your final question regarding transit and highways. LaVarr Webb at had some interesting articles last month about mixing public and private highways. I think we should pursue private transit and highways more aggressively.

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