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August 14, 2005


Reach Upward

Years ago I was an accountant working with federal taxes before becoming a computer programmer. I had a host of 2-inch thick volumes: 2 of actual tax code, 7 of regulations that further defined the code, and 29 that tried to make sense of it all. (There are more volumes today). Still, there were many points on which nobody could agree, including highly paid lawyers and CPAs.

All of this came about at the hands of our Congress and the bureaucratic infrastructure. While I regard many of our politicians quite highly, I somehow distrust their ability to actually achieve a true and fair flat tax. The alternative is simply more politically convenient. Please prove me wrong.

Richard Miller

Awesome article. I was a bit surprised, but glad, to hear your father, as a CPA, is in favor of a flat tax. Is that because he's retired or retiring soon? Any idea what the general sentiment towards a flat tax is among CPA's?

Today the WSJ also ran a letter from the Chairman of AMEX explaining the burdens Sarbanes-Oxley compliance puts on small cap companies. As an entrepreneur, I see less and less value in taking a company public. At least SOX compliance would give accountants something else (hefty) to do if income tax returns were suddenly simplified.,,SB112406088194912851,00.html

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