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August 21, 2005


Paul R Stay

One of the great losses in the past century was the power of the written word. And visiting the town pub, or square and discussing the events of the world with our neighbors and friends, this is especially true when the majority of today’s population is bombarded by radio, television and the published static World Wide Web. We tend to believe the few voices of the media, without debate, consensus, or thought.

Blogging may eventually reverse this trend. Now anyone with a computer and access to the internet can comment and voice their opinion. Blogging not only reaches the politicians it also reaches the masses as well! Granted the owner of the blog may wish to edit, and or even delete comments. However the fact is anyone can now reach their elected officials as well as their neighbors at the same time. A lot more powerful then just sending in a single letter to my congressional delegates and a copy to the local paper (where it might not get published).

I have taught several technology classes online for the University of Phoenix. An interesting phenomenon is that all members of the class have an equal voice. Students, who in traditional classes may not have spoken out as much, are now able to have an equal voice in the classroom. It also eliminates the prejudices of race, color and sex that others may have.

The key to the future of “political” blogging will be how it will be organized, and networked.

We may just be starting on the way back to our basic form of our government: governed by the people and for the people. Thanks John (and others) for starting this and keeping us informed.

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